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Tierre Turner was born in Detroit Michigan, he moved to California when he was 12 years old. His introduction into the entertainment industry began at that time in his childhood. Major influence came from his fathe's years in the business. Tierre's father had been an entertainer for as long as he could remember. He began doing stunts in Vaudeville; he did the S.O.S tours in the Army, and appeared on television shows. In addition to these talents, Mr Turner father was a large contributor to stage acts. Mr. Turner continued his career by opening for entertainment legends such as: Count Basie, Sam Cook, Jackie Wilson, and Redd Foxx.

Tierre's father said: "Let's move to Los Angeles". There, Tierre met a director who was looking for a street kid to play a nine year old Thief in a two hour special for Mcloud, the extremely popular television show. Tierre reluctantly read for the part. By the urging of his father, Tierre read with Dennis Weaver, the Star of the show. He was a natural!. He did a read through for the studio, got the part and went on to get an Emmy Nomination. From there his ating career took off! Tierre began doing movies suh as Cornbread, Earl and Me (starring with Laurence Fishburne in his debut), Friday Foster, and Buck Town.

For a boy who fell into the industry, Tierre managed to capture the attention of the major studio's. He was cast for his own series called: "The Cop and The kid" acting along side the incredible Charles Durning. From there Tierre appeared on the hit series Mash, The Six Million Dollar Man, and too many other shows to mention. In his words: "It was a whirlwind and fast pace life"! Tierre then decided to take a break and live life a little. Of course a few years later he was back at it as a Stuntman. He just couldn't stay away. For more information about Mr.

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